April 03, 2011

Tattoo on the shoulder: models of tattoos for the shoulders

Un tattoo de fleur sur l'épaule en détailA tattoo of flower on the shoulder in detail

The tattoo on the shoulder is one of the most common tattoos. One of the main reasons for this choice is related to the fact that this area of the body is an ideal location for all sorts of reasons, historically one of the most tattooed, that you first notice when it is exposed and developed. The shoulder is a part of the body which allows indeed both large grounds, playing with special body geography of the scapular bone, but also allows to perform small parts very easy to hide. Tattoos on the shoulder for women will often be for reasons all finesse as classic tattoo tribal bracelet, models of tattoos at base of flowers, butterflies, stars, impressions of legs of cats, Chinese letters, Arab, Japanese Kanjietc.

A tattoo on his shoulder for a woman can be very sexy, even if it is not necessarily a "popular" female location and fashionable. More classic and less original that some other locations such as hips, the killer whale tattoo allows a range of ultra reasons varied, with a very interesting use of the curves of the body , that also allows to open on other tattoos. The tattoo on his shoulder is indeed often a first tattoo, one that opens the door to others.

There are many stars and female people with tattoos on his shoulders : Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Pink or Amy winehouse. Tattoos on the shoulder, which often tend to spreading, either on the side of the back, neck and neck, or directly on the arm as cufflinks, are also a place of the body very chosen for men : very male, tribal bracelet he y'a few years, the tattoo on the shoulder is often part of a larger room for men: dragon, snake, animals like the Wolf, Tiger, Octopus, etc.

The tattoo on the shoulder is also a location very little painful. The pain of a tattoo on the shoulder is what one can find more soft in painful tattoo. Shoulder and arm are areas rich in flesh or muscle, but with few nerve endings, which are the most frequent causes of pain. Even at the edge of the shoulder, thethickness of flesh is sufficiently important to limit the pain, in contrast to more sensitive areas such as the malleolus, elbow or wrist

Find many examples of tattoos on the shoulders of women and men of all styles: tribal, old school, realist, Japanese¾stop as many styles that may perfectly suit a tattoo on a zone offering as many opportunities reasons and curves than the shoulders

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